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About  Powers Training Headquarters

We have been in the health and fitness industry together our whole adult lives, we have walked the walk and talked the talk. Now with our years of combined wisdom, we see that the old models of ‘dieting & exercising’ are not working, let alone healthy.


We built PTHQ together to share what we have lived our lives leaving and breathing.


We know how to be Healthy without needing quick fixes, tricks and other products that have little to do with your health. We aim to Simplify health and fitness, which has become over complicated.


We want to help you gain this knowledge yourself, we also aim to bring better trainers and coaches to the industry by educating new trainers to grow into excellent personal trainers and coaches. This will then flow onto the wider community, to change their lives and we believe the state of our Plant.


Our dream is BIG, but we believe we are all worth the effort.


Visit our Powers Training HQ gym in Mount Hawthorn and to see how we can help you!


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Whole Food, Plant Based

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our  headquarters

Check out the 3D tour of the PTHQ headquarters situated in
Mount Hawthorn, WA


Perth's Only Whole Food Plant Based Gym

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Over 250+ Whole Food Plant Based Recipes in the Members Area

our  trainers

Our trainers at Powers Training Headquarters are specialised and trained in areas you need for your goals. From State & Australian Body Building champions to Sport Scientist. PTHQ has it all.

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Dr. Adam Rowney

Chiropractor, Sports Scientist

Dr Adam Rowney has a passion for sport & helping individuals achieve their best. He has experience in dealing with clients ranging from your average weekend warrior through to world...

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Christian Gee

Body Building, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Training

A Personal Trainer for 20+ years, Chris Gee has a wealth of knowledge in Body Building, Weight Training and Nutrition. With 13 titles and won Mr Australia...

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Christie-Lee Powers

Body Building, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Training

I have spent the last few years immersed in studying Whole Food Plant based nutrition, diabetes and obesity education, it has change my life, changed my body, it has changed our entire family lives.

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Ellie Gee-Woolhouse

Body Building, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Training

A Personal Trainer for 20+ years, Chris Gee has a wealth of knowledge in Body Building, Weight Training and Nutrition. With 13 titles and won Mr Australia...

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Natalie King

Athletics, Running, Boxercise, Cardio

Natalie King has 16+ years working in the Health & Fitness industry and understands long term injuries and rehabilitation. Her background is in athletics/running and competes...

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Jake (Trainee)

Weight Loss, Personal Training

With losing 75 kilograms in weight through personal experience and devotion to goals. Jake has cemented his knowledge and experience by demonstrating his eagerness to learn...

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Body Building, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Training

Being part of the Fitness Industry for over 20 years has allowed me to build vast experience that I pass onto clients so they can reach their fitness goals and maintain them themselves.

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"Christie and Powers are true professionals in every sense. They are generous with their time and knowledge and have given me a different perspective about health and well being. PT is always motivational and attention to detail on such a personal level is hard to come by. Christie’s Myofascial Stetch class is a must! Luv my gym."

Sarina La Verghetta
our client
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“PTHQ provides a clean, safe and professional environment to train. It is never overcrowded and the vibe is always super positive. The best thing is that it is a family owned local business that really does cater for the locals. Together with my wife and my son we love training at PTHQ.”

Michael Beros
our client
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"Great gym with great staff. All are very informative and friendly and go over and beyond what one normally gets with a trainer. They really want you to be stronger and healthier and are there to support you on your journey. There is heaps of free parking on-site too!"

Belinda Davies
our client

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