Results Based Training

Educating people with the principals of how to build lean muscle mass, lose body fat, on a Whole Foods Plant based diet.

Arming you with the knowledge to maintain this lifestyle for yourself.

Build Lean muscle, Burn unhealthy fat, through serious strength training with whole food nutrition.

We are old school bodybuilders that have learned to have a better perspective on health.

Perth’s only Plant Powered gym

We have learned through many years of training and experience how to build healthy bodies, without needing supplements, pills or potions only whole plant foods.

We will guiding you in how to bring balance back into you life, so you will have more control over your body and life a life of health as you grow into old age.

Becoming older does not mean becoming sick, it is possibale to reach old age with a healthy body that is fit and capable and will enable you to life independently.

With a whole food plant based diet, regular exercise including resistance training, aerobic exercise, stretching and time for recovery, you will gain a healthy balance and bring a sense of Mental, Physical, and Spiritual health to your life.

If you are interested in changing not only your health but the health of the people around you and also the health of the planet through choosing to make better food choices ten we are for you.

Want to change your Life?



We all know that exercise is beneficial to our health, but how you exercise is vital.

Just as with your eating habit you can either ‘just tick a box’ and do your 30/60mins of exercise each day or you can maximise your time in the gym or on the pavement.

At PTHQ we have our team are serious trainers having competed in bodybuilding and figure fitness over the last 20 years, winning at state and national levels, more importantly our coaches live the lifestyle.

Throughout our careers and working within the fitness industry we have seen the industry change greatly, we have seen the emergence of a gym on almost every corner.

Fitness has become big business with large company’s more interested in money walking through the door, and retaining clients, and less concerned with happy, healthy people. We want to change people lives and teach people to become stronger, healthier, happy through teaching them how to exercise more efficiently.

How Do You Get to Your Goals ?


  1. Don’t Really Know where you are Starting from
  2. Don’t have a Plan to get You there
  3. Don’t have Anything or Anyone to keep you on track

@ Powers Training Hq PTHQ we address this by 

  1. Doing a thowgh Body Compisition Analisise in Our Goal Setting Consultation which is stored on the PTHQ APP
  2.  Build a Specific plan to follow also on PTHQ APP
  3. Spend the time with you to ensure you fully understand the plan and how to exicute it.
  4. Regular 2 monthly check-Ins to keep you on track.
By Ensuring you are getting your small results You will reach your Final Goal.

Some of the Training Principles Used at PTHQ 



  • H.I.I.T – High Intensity Training
  • Periodic Overload 
  • G.V.T – German Volume Training
  • 5 x 5
  • Circuit Training
  • BoxFit
  • Yoga
  • MyoFacial Stretch  
Results Based Training 1