The PTHQ APP is your own Personal Trainer In your Pocket

There are Hundreds of programs designed by Christie-Lee and Powers on the PTHQ APP. For the beginner right through to the expeienced lifter.

All your workouts recorded graphed and with PTHQ gym speicific videos incase you are not 100% on your for or how to preformthe exercise.

Designed to stor and track all your workout progress and body fat loss and Muscle growth.

Workout programs are taylored to fit your goals by your Personal trainer your Goal Setting Consultation.

Workouts Schedualed on the in build App Calender so acountability is clear.

Progress is checked every 3 months and changes made if needed to help make your Goal Your Realality.

Mobile App 1

To get to your Goals you need a plan to follow and some one to show you the way.

Each workout is recorded and graphed so you and Your Trainer can ensure you are getting the maximum out of your time in the gym.

Mobile App 2

Educational Exercise Videos to ensure correct Form is Used

Mobile App 3